There’s something magical in the way the Cretan landscape unfolds, from the sun-drenched beaches in the north to the rugged canyons spilling out at the cove-carved and cliff-lined southern coast. Mountains covered with snow, graphic villages hidden between hills, broad green valleys and golden sandy beaches are a few of the sceneries you are going to come across when visiting Crete.

Crete’s natural beauty is equaled only by the richness of its history. Crete stands out from the other islands is the breadth of its history: from the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, through Venetian control, to the daring deeds during the German occupation.

In addition to all, Crete is blessed by nature, fertile and wild. Everything grows here, vegetables, rare greens, herbs, vines and olives as far as the eye can see. Enjoy the delight of sipping a Greek coffee at the roadside in a mountain village, and make sure to taste all the fine cheeses, cold cuts, olive oils, herbs, honey, wine and raki the island has to offer. No other place in Greece can delight the senses of smell and taste like Crete.